+writer & editor+

+ My editorial services vary per project, but the most popular, effective, and comprehensive style edit includes the following: 

  • A full manuscript read;
  • A line-for-line close copyedit via Track Changes wherein I provide direct adjustments to the text, as well as comments, suggestions and questions to convey my "live" experience of reading;
  • An analytical/developmental editorial note that works to help shape one's narrative--by way of honing character, plot, tone, pacing, voice, and so on--on the macro level;
  • A follow-up correspondence to cover any post-edit issues, ideas or questions.

+ I specialize in literary and commercial fiction, memoir, narrative nonfiction, and poetry. I have worked on several YA, middle grade, and thriller titles, too. 

+ I also provide editorial feedback on smaller scale pieces such as query letters, synopses,  essays, and articles. 

+ Industry consultation services (for instance, guidance on agency/publisher selection and submission protocol) are available as well.

+ Rates upon request.  Please contact me with an introduction to your project; please include current word count and desired turnaround time.